CO2 air detector in St Catherine's Sydney classroom
15 October 2021

We are leading with our CO2 sensors Oct 2021

Over the past couple of weeks, we have installed and tested some CO2 sensors in different classrooms across campus. The sensors will be mounted in each classroom, shared staff offices and the boarding house which links to a gateway and provides real-time data via a web portal on CO2 levels. The sensors have a traffic light indicator. When CO2 levels are normal, the sensor is not illuminated. When levels increase or are high, the sensor illuminates yellow (though still in the acceptable​ range). When it hits past the standard or recommended levels, it illuminates red.

Each sensor will be given a specific location (J7 classroom, MMR, etc.) which will allow us to track and monitor levels. During the test, when the levels went up, by simply opening windows, we saw the air quality levels return to normal and in real time via the web portal.

St Cath's will be the first school to implement this system here in Australia. 

This is in addition to air purifiers and hygiene routines,