Prefects badge and prefects groupe on stage at the induction assembly
18 October 2019

Prefects induction 2019-2020

​Our 2020 prefects and student leaders had their induction assembly on Tuesday 15 October. This assembly combines the traditions of the school with its future. The new prefects and student leaders made the pledge of leadership to the school, promising to uphold the values of integrity, resilience, respect, relationships and service, and to love and support each other. 

The chair of the council, Rev Simon Roberts, spoke to the girls about the importance of character and how character is king (or at St Catherine’s, 'queen'). He reminded us that one will thrive far more with a strong character than with strong skills.  

It was a wonderful day of excitement, pride, and a few tears from parents in the audience. It is one of my favourite events in the school calendar because it represents Year 11 becoming Year 12 and the commencement of their leadership journey.

Ms Daisy Turnbull Brown
Director of Positive Psychology