St Marys North and St Catherine's students joined by their love for music
08 August 2017

Music goes bang!

​Two Year 5 classes from St Marys North Public School had a long journey through Sydney traffic to visit us at St Catherine's. They were invited for a concert with our Intermediate Orchestra, made up of 70 girls from Sinfonietta and Concert Band combined. This inter-school visit is in support of the innovative ACO Music and Art Program which aims to deliver quality music education to students of Western Sydney. 

The concert began with a performance of the 1812 Overture (Themes) by Tchaikovsky and the young audience were encouraged to answer questions about the music and the different instrumental 'families'. The children from St Marys North were then invited to play the famous part of the cannon in the Overture by inflating paper bags and gleefully popping them perfectly in time with the music. 

Continuing with our Russian-themed concert, the orchestra then performed an arrangement of the folksong Kalinka by the composer and folklorist Ivan Larionov. Lucky participants were selected to take up the role of conductor and experience being in control of the entire orchestra.

The string program at St Marys North Public School has doubled since last year and, through these experiences, St Catherine's aims to be part of the growth and enthusiasm for instrumental learning at St Marys North in 2018.

Ms Lisa McCowage, Head of Wind, Brass & Percussion​
Ms Hayley Cush, Head of Strings