22 October 2021

Elenor Craven wins sustainability prize for her website

​Year 10 student and budding tech entrepreneur/environmentalist Elenor Craven has won this year's Edstart Achievement Award for sustainability. The Edstart Achievement Awards Program acknowledges and rewards talented students from primary and secondary schools across Australia. 

Ellie received the award for her website, a site dedicated to encouraging users to adopt more sustainable practices through interactions, achievements and rewards. Produced entirely from using self taught skills in coding and web design, Ellie's website combines her passion and intellect in order to be an active part of the solution to climate change.  ​

​Ellie describes her website below: 

​“Sustainabring is a platform which provides its users with rewards - such as vouchers, free products and discount codes - when they act sustainably and in a way which benefits the environment. The vouchers, free products and discount codes are all from sustainable and eco-friendly businesses. The Sustainabring platform ultimately aims to encourage, promote and inspire sustainable habits within the community whilst supporting sustainable businesses.

The worsening climate situation around the world inspired me to create Sustainabring. Many people are aware of climate change and are willing to do something about it, but they don’t know what that something is or how to do it. Sustainabring aims to address this problem by providing users with the what and the how. We provide in-depth articles on various ways in which one can step up in the face of a changing climate, whilst incentivising users to change their habits through a reward system.

Ellie’s website has many practical ways that everyone can adopt to minimise their impact on the planet and the climate. Find out more by registering at