St Cath's students listens to three women at Atlassian offices
16 August 2019

Atlassian Business Crawl

​Walking into the Atlassian conference room, software development manager Ben Kelley talked us through a few of the business' products, such as Jira, Bamboo and Fisheye, as well as explaining the company's values. From there we were introduced to a panel of three women for a Q&A session. They were heavily involved in analytics, management and engineering, talking us through their specific roles and responsibilities and key components of being part of a team. We were also given the opportunity to discuss some of our app-based entrepreneurial ideas that we have been working on during our school meetings, where we received fabulous feedback.

We were fortunate enough to be taken on a tour around the office. The working space is collaborative and open, where all the desks are on wheels and can easily be rearranged to improve efficiency and communication around the office, which is especially useful for group tasks. There are various food stops, where the employees are delighted with free food and drinks within a short walking distance from their computers. Atlassian believes that the best way to maintain efficiency in the office is to ensure that they properly manage their employee's wellbeing, and they've done this by installing gaming and entertainment rooms where they can relieve their stress and take a break.

Our visit to Atlassian was not only engaging and informative, but it taught us the importance of teamwork, trust, resilience and communication in a group situation to achieve a common goal.


Olivia  (Year 9) and Jessica  (Year 11)

Flora Yeoum (Senior School STEM Coordinator)