​​​​​​​​​​What it means to be a St Catherine's girl

She's a girl we know well.

The core values of St Catherine's are

  • Integrity
  • Resilience
  • Respect
  • Relationships
  • Service

These are the values we aim to instil in every St Catherine's girl. Using positive psychology we develop each girl's character strengths building her resilience and wellbeing. We hear a lot about wellbeing these days, but what does it really mean? At St Catherine's it means your daughter can rebound from adversity, use perseverance when challenged and have optimism for the future. We focus on building four key areas: positive emotion, a resilient mindset, academic tenacity, and strong relationships.

St Catherine's uses the VIA character strengths ​as the basis of our positive psychology program and believe that by focusing on our strengths, rather than weaknesses, students will flourish. We start building her character strengths from Kindergarten and continue all the way through to the final years of senior school. We hope the skills she develops will help her lead a fulfilled and purposeful life.

Mentor groups

Your daughter will join a mentor group as soon as she starts in the senior school. In these small, house-based groups, she will be with girls her own age and a teacher. They meet twice a week and, after discussion, skill building or perhaps a reflection or positive psychology-based exercise, the girls share their experiences and their insights with their group. It is solid peer support.

The wellbeing program also looks at financial literacy, goal setting, philosophical thinking and service throughout the year. It has time for students to meet in a big sister/little sister program that develops cross age mentoring and authentic relationships. 

Once a fortnight the mentor groups will join forces and meet as a year group with their year mentor. The year mentors are experienced teachers recognised for their leadership skills and their ability to connect with the girls. Every second week the girls will meet as a House group and bond over school events.

If you have a concern about your daughter, her year mentor would be the first person to contact at school. Or, you may want to pass on some feedback? Again the year mentor is the person to contact.

Where do I fit in?

Your daughter's mentor group will become a significant part of her school life at St Catherine' s. Our wellbeing program is a vital part of our approach to learning and the program is delivered through these groups. She will feel she belongs to her group which is sometimes a nice change from her circle of friends. Then, she will develop a stronger connection to her larger year group and then to her even larger house group. It's the way we work at St Catherine's and your daughter's sense of belonging is central to that.


School is sometimes hard going. Teenage girls are coping with so many changes as their brains and bodies grow. Sometimes it's hard to see how it all fits together –​ study, friends, family, outside interests and pursuits, so we have a dedicated counsellor to help your daughter should she need it.

Student help each other breading hairs before speech night