​​​​​​​Senior School 

When she enters senior school at St Catherine's your daughter will take an active role in her learning and be able to make informed choices about the progress of her education. 

We offer a broad range of subjects​ so she can work with our teachers to design an increasingly individualised program of study. Teachers will work with her strengths and interests and will ensure she will be both supported and challenged by her learning program.

Making clever choices

As a teenager, she is busy figuring out who she is and what she might like to become. Our task is to empower her to make the right choices for the best possible results as she progresses towards her final exams. We want to see her strive for excellence in her learning and this will be easier to achieve when she is fully engaged in what she has chosen to study.

The right amount of push

Academic Challenge is one of the twin pillars of our education philosophy so we make sure she is always challenged across every subject.

From Year 7 the girls are supported by a strong Academic Care team who help them to focus on the challenge of their senior school years. Class sizes are small and students receive rich feedback, regularly, from their teachers. 

Senior school girls who may benefit from a bit more support with their learning are identified early on and referred to the learning enrichment department for extra guidance to help them achieve at the highest levels they can. It is the same for girls who have been identified as gifted or talented. The learning enrichment team will make sure her education matches her abilities.

Prep centre

At the end of the school day, many senior school girls come to our prep centre held in the research centre. Your daughter can finish her homework, work on a group project or find some extra help with any of her subjects. She is in a supervised study environment and can stay until 5.30pm.

A teacher is always on hand and so are some of our Year 13 girls who return to St Catherine's after their final year to help out. They have just taken the HSC so they are a wonderful support for our Year 11 and 12 students especially.

From Year 11 the girls can stay as late as 9pm, dinner can be organised too. Our girls appreciate it, especially as they prepare for their exams. And it's a life-saver for busy families!

 Embrace life with our senior school girls!

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