​HSC 2020

We are so proud of our 2020 HSC cohort and their achievements.  

Almost 69% of our girls gained at least one Band 6 or E4 in a set of results that showed the strength of performance across the board. 41% of the cohort achieved an ATAR of 90 or above, placing them in the top 10% of the state. Our median ATAR was 88.5. We are delighted that so many students achieved results that reflect their unwavering commitment all year. 

Read the summary of the 2020 HSC results.

2020 HSC results in chinese. 

Top achievers

Congratulations to:

Wing Yan (Angel) Lai who gained an outstanding ATAR of 99.55. 

St Catherine's girls held these positions across the State in 2020: 

  • Wing Yan (Angel) Lai is First in Class in EAL/D and ranked 3rd in Japanese Beginners

  • Sacha Brown ranked 7th in Drama

All-round achievers

Congratulations to our HSC all-round achievers, who received a mark of 90 or above in at least 10 units of study

  • Ella Berckelman

  • Jasmine Betts

  • Sijia (Kylian) Chen 

  • Eia Hickey Berry

  • Wing Yan (Angel) Lai 

  • Judy Mansell

  • Rebecca Marzol

  • Claire Millhouse (Dux) 

  • Ella Swan

  • Tiana Vincent

Distinguished achievers

St Catherine's had 219 mentions on the NESA Distinguished Achievers list for receiving a mark of 90 or above in one or more of their HSC subjects.

Creative nominations

The creative success of our talented students was recognised by their nomination for, or selection into, prestigious HSC showcases.

ARTEXPRESS (visual arts) nominated Elizabeth Diakatos 

ARTEXPRESS (visual arts) nominated Caitlin Rose Morris

OnSTAGE (drama) performance nominated Ella Berckelman

OnSTAGE (drama) performance nominated Sacha Brown

OnSTAGE (drama) performance nominated Saskia Ferster

ENCORE (music) nominated Rebecca Matthei 

SHAPE (design and technology) nominated Sacha Brown

SHAPE (design and technology) nominated Eia Hickey Berry

SHAPE (design and technology) nominated Jamilla Ledet

SHAPE (design and technology) nominated Jessica Norman

SHAPE (design and technology) nominated Aimee Tainsh

SHAPE (design and technology) nominated Ava Vaughan

SHAPE (design and technology) nominated Mia Warren

Creative selections

OnSTAGE (drama) performance selected Chloe Faddy 


St Catherine's Year 12 student dux 2018