​ HSC 2018

We are so proud of our 2018 HSC cohort and their achievements.  

Almost 60% of our girls gained at least one Band 6 or E4 in a set of results that showed the strength of performance across the board. 46% of the cohort achieved an ATAR of 90 or above, placing them in the top 10% of the state. Our median ATAR was 89. We are delighted that so many students achieved results that reflect their unwavering commitment all year. 

Read the summary of the 2018 HSC results

Read the summary of the 2018 HSC results in Chinese

Top achievers


Congratulations to our dux, Stephanie Cheung, who gained an outstanding ATAR of 99.7.


St Catherine's girls held these positions across the State in 2018

  • Fan (Angela) Bu ranked 7th in the state for English as a second language.
  • Elizabeth (Lisa) Guo ranked 20th in legal studies.
  • Amber Haase ranked 7th in business studies.
  • Mia Wood ranked 14th in business studies.





All-round achievers

Congratulations to our HSC all-round achievers, who received a mark of 90 or above in at least 10 units of study

  • Fan (Angela) Bu
  • Stephanie Cheung
  • Eleanor Ellis
  • Natasha Gallant
  • Elizabeth (Lisa) Guo
  • Aurelia King
  • Li (Lily) Li
  • Isabella Sandy
  • Natasha Tejani
  • Mia Wood

Distinguished achievers

St Catherine's had 187 mentions on the NESA Distinguished Achievers list for receiving a mark of 90 or above in one or more of their HSC subjects.

Creative nominations



The creative success of our talented students was recognised by their nomination for, or selection into, prestigious HSC showcases.

ARTEXPRESS (visual arts) selected Catherine Johnson

ARTEXPRESS (visual arts) nominated Nina Deal

ARTEXPRESS (visual arts) nominated Eloise Reddy

ENCORE (music) nominated Paris Francis

ENCORE (music) nominated Eloise Reddy

OnSTAGE (drama) nominated Georgia Appleton

SHAPE (design & technology) nominated Kara Nour 


St Catherine's Year 12 student dux 2018