​reach higher, go further

To develop initiative, confidence and teamwork St Catherine's girls are encouraged to participate in activities beyond the school day.

The Beyond the Curriculum (BTC) program​ at St Catherine's is a truly extensive and engaging array of artistic, cultural and sports activities to nourish your daughter's physical, intellectual and social abilities. 

The holistic approach we take helps each girl reach her true potential and prepare for post-school experiences. She'll know how to take the initiative and be more driven for success in all her endeavours. In short, we'll help her become more confident and creative.

BTC courses develop

  • leadership
  • decision making
  • taking responsibility
  • commitment
  • motivation
  • teamwork​

Duke of Edinburgh Award 

When she reaches Year 9 (aged 13 years and 9 months) your daughter is eligible to join the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. A self-development program for all young people, the 'Duke of Ed' encourages goal-setting and achievement at a level appropriate for each individual.

Over three levels, bronze, silver and gold, each is made up of four sections

  • Community service
  • Skills
  • Physical recreation
  • Adventurous journey

The award is highly regarded by many universities and employers. 

Trinity Drama and Speech

We are proud to provide this prestigious speech and drama program under the umbrella of BTC at St Catherine's.

Trinity College London Drama and Speech classes offer private and small group lessons and follow the syllabus of the Trinity College London. Students work on their selected program throughout the year in preparation for an examination, held on-site, at the end of the year.

The program covers

  • acting
  • Shakespeare
  • performance arts
  • musical theatre
  • communication skills
  • speaking
Dancer at our beyond the curriculum dance show  
Gymnast competes