​​smart choices

We will help your daughter make the right subject choices that will reflect her learning style.

Curriculum Years 7 to 10 

St Catherine's offers a wide range of elective subjects​ as your daughter moves from Years 7 to 10.

In Year 7 she will study 

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • History/Latin (alternating semesters)
  • Chinese or French
  • Music
  • Technology
  • Visual arts
  • Biblical studies

In Year 8 she selects two elective subjects and continues with these over Year 9. In Year 10 she will add one more elective making three in addition to her core curriculum.

Elective subjects

  • English plus
  • Chinese or French
  • Japanese, Latin or Spanish
  • Music
  • Visual arts
  • History (elective)
  • Commerce
  • Design and technology
  • Food technology 
  • Information and software technology
  • Drama

We will guide her as she makes her subject choices and encourage her to challenge herself.

Curriculum Years 11 and 12

Your daughter can choose from over 38 courses​ to prepare for the Higher School Certificate with many of those available at extension levels. Our teachers work closely with the senior girls ensuring their subject choices are the ones that will provide the best pathway to the post-school programs they wish to pursue.   

Building a strong STEM culture at St Catherine's ensures we have young women entering the workforce with the kind of enquiring mindset vital for a world constantly calling for innovative and creative thinkers.

Why languages?

Research shows language study helps improve higher order thinking skills including abstract and creative thinking. 

In Year 7 your daughter will study Latin, which she can continue to HSC level. Through Latin, she will deepen her knowledge and understanding of the English language. From there, we introduce her to other languages and encourage her to continue with one or two of them through to HSC level.
She can choose: 

  • Latin from Year 7
  • French or Chinese from Year 7
  • Japanese or Spanish from Year 8

The school can give some support to your daughter if she chooses to study a language with either a family or personal significance outside our curriculum. As part of our language exchange program, your daughter can choose to have an immersive language experience to France, Germany, Spain or Japan.


Student showing us latin on a white board

Students in the classroom