​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​A Positive psychology school

St Catherine's is a foundation member of the Positive Education in Schools Association (PESA). ​​

Positive psychology is founded on the belief that people want to​

  • lead meaningful and fulfilling lives
  • cultivate what is best within themselves
  • enhance their experiences of love, work and play

We help your daughter to flourish by

  • teaching her how to be optimistic and to find the joy in school life
  • engaging her in her learning
  • showing her how to build relationships with friends, peers, teachers – so this comes naturally to her throughout her life
  • helping her to understand that meaning in life comes with belonging to and serving something bigger than ourselves
  • teaching her how to become tenacious and, from that, accomplished
  • building her resilience to deal with, and bounce back from, life's difficulties.

Teachers too

Just like your daughter, her teachers will be well supported, highly trained and always refining their skills in the classroom. They are taught the same positive mindset we teach the girls because when we’re all on the same page, the pathway to learning is so much clearer.​