​​​​Giving back

Why is a service education so important?

Service is one of our key values and unpinned by our other key values of integrity, respect, resilience and relationships. By serving others our girls receive a powerful education about the world, the voice they have in it, the power they have to shape it.

St Catherine's girls

  • fundraise
  • volunteer
  • promote awareness

Your daughter will have the opportunity to volunteer overseas during her senior school years. She will see what it means to make a difference in the lives of others.

A fulfilled life 

The concept of service, embedded as early as Kindergarten at St Catherine's, informs our girls' decisions for the rest of their lives. It may take her towards a career in

  • medicine
  • politics and government
  • journalism
  • social justice
  • law and international relations
  • education

So many ways to lead a fulfilled life.​

Project STC

Project STC is a special program for Year 10 girls. Just before the summer break, they spend five days immersed in a service project. Here are just a few

Project STC will change your daughter's perspective from local schoolgirl to global citizen.

Think global, act local

St Catherine's has helped a huge array of charities and foundations over many years of service education. 

Through understanding and responding to the needs of others, your daughter can discover so much more about herself and her place in the world. It will help her to understand the importance of global citizenship or simply what it means to be part of a community. Read about one Year 10 girl's experience at Asha Nepal and the Service edition of The Bulletin magazine.

 Service is love in action

St Catherines students fundraise for Red Shield Appeal