‚Äč Learning Enrichment

Not every girl learns in the same way.

At St Catherine's we believe all our girls have unique potential and we work hard to ensure your daughter finds hers. 
Our specialist teachers are there to support and enrich your daughter's learning path.  

Gifted and talented

Some girls need extra challenges to get the most out of their education. Those identified as gifted will have an individual profile created which is shared with all her teachers. She will be provided with work that is tailored to challenge areas of strength, extension opportunities in specific subjects, or may be recommended for acceleration beyond her current year level. 

Students are interviewed annually to ensure staff have current information to cater for your daughter's high potential and areas of interest. At St Catherine's we ensure gifted students of all domains are recognised.  

Girls have many opportunities to take part in enrichment activities including:

  • The da Vinci Decathlon
  • Future Problem Solving Program Australia
  • ISDA and Archdale debating
  • The Law Society of NSW Mock Trial Competition
  • Tournament of Minds
  • UN Youth Australia (The Evatt Competition and Voice NSW)
  • Write a Book in a Day

Learning support

Our girls are closely monitored from Kindergarten to make sure they are on track academically. Intensive literacy and numeracy intervention is established for girls who need extra support. Our specialist teachers cater for specific learning difficulties and liaise with other school staff and external consultants. Progress is monitored and we work closely with teachers, families and specialists to maintain a collaborative learning approach.

Girls will get the help they need for:

  • Literacy and numeracy
  • Curriculum subjects
  • Assessments
  • Study skills
  • Organisation
  • Exam preparation

English as another language

The English as Another Language (EAL) program is for girls whose primary language is not English. She will receive help with English to support her learning and have access to other specialist teachers across the curriculum.

St Catherine's students use goggles and learn new technologies
A student illustrates a book for write a book in a day
Junior school students are playing chess