​​​​​​​Heart and mind

With an unwavering focus on our girls, we foster the development of the whole child. 

With positive psychology at the bedrock of our approach to learning, we work on building your daughter's character strengths so she can know who she is at her very best. 

It's what we mean when we talk about 'future-proofing'. Any challenge in life, at school and beyond, will be more manageable because she'll know her strengths and how to use them. 

Character strengths


We will show her how to harness her bravery, creativity, and curiosity.

She'll learn to be fair, kind, and hopeful.

She'll display gratitude, leadership, and perseverance.

These are central elements of our Academic Care program, and why your little girl will come home saying "I love school!"


Building resilience

Resilience is our power to cope when we are faced with difficulty. Being aware of how you feel, staying calm when you get upset, and managing your behaviour so you calm down quickly and bounce back.

Each Friday during wellbeing time, students from Kindergarten to Year 6 participate in the You Can Do It program, focusing on strengthening student self-belief and social-emotional skills.

Positive Peeps

Positive Peeps is a lunchtime club for Kindergarten to Year 3. It acts as a safe haven for the girls, providing a quiet space to engage in activities that make them feel happy and to enjoy some downtime relaxing with a book, playing board games or colouring in. 

She's my Friday Friend 

Friday Friends is the unique mentoring program we have run for over 40 years in the junior school. Each girl is buddied with another girl from a different year group in a delightful big sister/little sister relationship. It's a simply joyful exchange of friendship and the girls love it.

 Our wellbeing program

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The wonderwall, the wall of wonders with message showing what the girls are grateful for