Always somewhere to go, something to do

It's known as BTC at St Catherine's and it's so fabulous it's hard to believe. 

Beyond the Curriculum (BTC) is our extensive extra-curricular program running here at school. If you used to drive to ballet, then to drama, then tennis and back to pick up at ballet, breathe easy. We run so many courses right on our school campus, saving both your time and your tyres!

BTC is split into two distinct areas


Holiday time

The St Catherine's holiday program is one of the best in our local area. Children from other schools can attend too so your daughter's friends and even her brother can come along!

It's a win-win

Regardless of whether you attend our before or after school program or holiday program, BTC still has an enormous array of extra-curricular activities for your daughter to choose from running across each term.

Apart from the sheer fun of it, by taking on a little something extra in BTC your daughter will experience

  • decision making
  • commitment
  • motivation
  • teamwork

She will develop

  • initiative
  • confidence
  • motivation

Have you noticed that's what every employer is looking for? It's a win-win!

Kids participating in the  holiday program with their latest art creation
Beyond the curriculum dance performers at the annual dance showcase