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All girls have special qualities but we know some are already achieving at high academic levels or have a serious talent for performance, sport or music. If your daughter is one of these girls, St Catherine's offers a broad range of scholarships which could allow her to develop her talent further while enjoy​ing all our school has to off​er. If you are from regional or Indigenous Australia, or descended from an Old Girl of the school, we have something for you too.

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All Scholarships are now closed with the exception of AIEF. 

 INDIGENOUS SCHOLARSHIPS<p> - Opens in 2022.</p><p>- For more information, please refer to this<span class="ms-rteForeColor-2"> </span><a href="/Enrolment/Pages/Indigenous-students.aspx"><span class="ms-rteForeColor-2">page</span></a><span class="ms-rteForeColor-2">.</span><br></p><p><br></p> SCHOLARSHIPS<p>​- Open to external applicants from Years 7 to 10 - <span class="ms-rteForeColor-2">means-tested</span>.<br>- Girls must exhibit excellence in a particular area such as sport or drama (state level representation).<br>- Should have sound academic ability and have a desire to contribute to the life of the school.<br>- Full or partial tuition fees.​​​<br></p> SCHOLARSHIPS<p>- Open to internal and external applicants Years 7 to 11. <br>- Applicant must study music within her academic program <br>- Contribute fully to the music life of the school. <br>- Have highly developed skills on her preferred instrument.<br>- Full or partial tuition fees.​​​<br></p> BOARDING SCHOLARSHIPS<p>​- Open to internal and external applicants from Years 7 to 11 - <span class="ms-rteForeColor-2" style="">means-tested</span>.<br>- Awarded to applicants who are committed to their studies and have sound academic abillity.<br>- Willingness to be involved in school life.​​<br>- Full or partial tuition fees. Boarding fees will still be payable.​​<br></p> PATTERSON SCHOLARSHIP<p>​- Open to internal and external Year 10 students for Years 11 and 12 - <span class="ms-rteForeColor-2">means-tested</span>.<br>- Applicants must have sound academic achievement. <br>- Should have sound academic ability and have a desire to contribute to the life of the school.​<br>- The scholarship covers up to 50% of the tuition fees​.​​​<br></p> JANE BARKER SCHOLARSHIP<p>- Open to internal and external applicants Years 7 to 11 - <span class="ms-rteForeColor-2" style="">means-tested</span>. <br>- Awarded to a daughter or a granddaughter of an Old Girl.<br>- Should have sound academic ability and have a desire to contribute to the life of the school.​​<br>- Full or partial tuition fees.​<br></p> SCHOLARSHIPS FOR YEAR 7<p></p><p><strong>ST CATHERINE'S SCHOLARSHIP</strong><br>- Open to internal applicants only.<br>- Girls should have attended St Catherine's junior school for one year or longer.<br>- Full tuition fees.<br><br><strong>FIELDING SCHOLARSHIP</strong><br>- Open to internal and external applicants​​​ - <span class="ms-rteForeColor-2">means-tested</span>.<br>- Girls should have proven academic excellence.<br>- Full tuition fees.<br><br><strong>CLAREMONT SCHOLARSHIP</strong><br>- Open to girls from Claremont College, Randwick.<br>- Full or partial tuition fees.<br><br><strong>GENERAL ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP</strong><br>- Open to internal and external applicants - <span class="ms-rteForeColor-2">means-tested</span>.<br>- For girls who have exceptional academic ability and potential.<br>- Full or partial tuition fees.<br></p>