What are you doing IN the holidays?

Our highly regarded holiday care program is one of the most popular in our local area.

The Beyond the Curriculum (BTC) program at St Catherine’s also covers vacation or holiday care.
We have a multitude of activities to engage children of all ages. And it’s not just for the girls, brothers and their friends can come too. For working families, we extend holiday care beyond school hours. You can drop off as early as 7.30am and pick up by 6pm.

Secret ingredients

Our programs are devised with a good helping of

  • Visual arts
  • Sports camps
  • Drama and dance
  • Science and investigations
  • Food and cooking

Just add

  • Enthusiasm 
  • Positivity
  • Physical activity
  • Friendship
You can find our BTC Spring 2022 Holiday Program here 

Child doing visual art during the holidays

​​A little girl slicing vegatables as part of a cooking class