​​​ St Catherine's School Council​

The school council comprises of lay and clergy representatives from the Anglican Church of Australia.

The school council is responsible for school governance and for supporting the headmistress in enacting the identity, values and strategy of the school. The chair and deputy chair are elected each year. The Council appoints the headmistress, and delegates to the headmistress the leadership and management of the school. 

Eight council meetings are held each year.
There are four subcommittees for

  • Infrastructure
  • Finance and risk 
  • Governance
  • Christian ministry

Each subcommittee has its own charter of governance.

Members of St Catherine's school council


The Very Reverend Kanishka Raffel


Ms Danusia Cameron 

Deputy Chair

Mr Gilbert van der Jagt 

Council Members

Mrs Janice Dalton
Rev Joshua Ng                  
Rev Dani Treweek                                                                      
Mr John Ward 
Mr Ian Wong  
Mrs Huong Doran
Mr Aaron Binsted
Rev Marcelo Morbelli
Ms Simone Sietsma

Important information

Privacy policy
St Catherine's Collection statement - Students
St Catherine's Collection statement - School Community
St Catherine's NESA Annual Report 2021